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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  October 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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more problems for east cleveland. >> their only ambulance broken down. how their safety could be impacted. and also, back in the battle ground state. hometown hero. now millions of dollars are headed for the county. what they plan to use that money for. good monday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> happy to be back with you in cleveland from vacation. i've been in japan for so long what's the weather like in cleveland. >> power five meteorologist. >> you must have brought the is sunshine. >> we were seeing rain right? >> a lot of it.
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say it was a nice little break to get some cloud coverage. it felt very autumn like many 49 degrees in medina. good morning, new philadelphia. make sure you have the umbrella. 51. also siege fog. we're going to take a look at that as we heads towards the -- in the next 10 minutes. here's a look at your forecast. these temperatures are closing kawd. a few neig about 71 degrees. a mix of sun and cloud today but we'll be staying pri dry. >> that week on. willow get maps right now that are worth wrapping up at 6 a.m. one more hour to go. keep that in mind if you're make your way into the city. you're right -- trouble free. let's head inside.
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90. been monitoring all of them. it's been a nice, calm commute. over to you. >> the city does not have a working ambulance. >> a donated scawd just broke down and meg shaw is live this morning. how is the city dealing with the emergency calls? >> well the department says they are responding to 9-1-1 calls using their engine truck testimony has all of the same equipment as an ambulance except for the stretch and people. the department is warning the resident of the east cleveland about the ambulance issues through their facebook page. they say the loaned ambulance broke down after three days. they're asking residents to only call for serious emergencies. as we know this isn't the first time dealing with equipment issues. back in april the only fire truck break down right in the middle of a emergency. the truck has been repaired but
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table for the cash-strapped citiment some cleveland city council members say taking on financial problems would only hurt cleveland. they're awaiting for a panel to keep discussion going. this morning, thoab with the east cleveland fire department can tell me when they will be back in service. >> all right. overnight for doz bs of shots fired in shaker heights. we are making calling on this. is even hearing that police officers even heard some of the shottings. so far they have not been able to find anything, no physical evidence of any shooting. no victims and no one on scene is cooperating either. , of course, we'll let you know as soon as we learn more. >> a thank you. democrat issue candidate is
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>> he the deadline to register is next tuesday. if you are interested in going we have a link to our r is svp on our app. former rt bill clinton be stopping wednesday. >> akron's biggest stars throwing hi support behind clinton. lebron james endorsing hillary for president. in a column he it mostly has to do with education and development for the young use. donald trump is back in the spotlight for his tax returns am new report from the new york times says trump lost nearly a billion dollars in 19 95 and could have gone 18 years would paying federal taxes nsm response trump tweeted i know the complex tax laws better than anyone who
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who can fix them. he has yet to deny any pars of the report. jury was seated last week in the trial. he's charged with the murder of three people at chalk lines barbershop. killing of the witness. he was shot in the head in the driveway. today we should learn the involved in a shooting on i-7 1. they shut down that highway for hours. they think the shooting might have been completely random. >> the male got out of the car to go to the restroom while the female waited in the car. the male returned to the car. he was shot. >> the suspect then got on a car and led police on a
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police found him dead. they believe he shot himself. as for victim, he's going to be o.k. this morning a woman hurt in a hit and run is still in the hospital and the driver response is behind bars. state patrol says clark justin was likely on heroin when he hit the woman and her friend on i-480 while they were changing a tire. one woman was pronounced dead a the scene. justice is due in court at 8:30 this morning. just leaving about people homeless. l fire chief says that the fire starting in the kitchen. when cruise alife flames were shooting out of the windows. fire didn't travel out of the apartment that it started in but there is quite a bit of smoke damage throughout the building. so we're going to have, you know, a number of residents that are going to be displaced. >> one of the two people in the
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hospital. >> in the hospital this morning. he was air lifted from the scene when three men wearing masks storld into his home and attacked them. they were threatened but they were not harmed. neighbors who live in the apartment building are on edge. >> that's why here now. this is not a place where my kids need to grow up. >> they haven't released the description. if you have information you are asked to call police this morning. the fight bring justice to rape victims continues with more help. after our on your side investigation, a task force to test the backlogful rape kits dlmplet 3 million in grants t. will help
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those kits t.s will also pay for a pilot program to expand the database that identifies suspects based on that testing. and the sheriff's office also getting a big donation. the town square mall donated $10,000 to the department's canine unit. it will go to a buying >> the indians have defeated the kansas city royals 3-2 completing the sweep and the indians are coming on home. >> we have our home field advantage against boston. game one is thursday. we're still waiting on word from the mlb on a start time tomorrow. >> well new york city matter what l start time thursday is going to be quite beautiful.
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little bit of issues no. rain this morning. roads respect slick buzz vinlt is slow. take your time. use those low beams. about a mile and three quarters in wade county. i'm going keep my eye on loraine. take your time while you're hitting the roads. also a bumpy of the show. his wife was held at gun . what officials are saying happened to kim kardashian. >> a gas station charged their credit card more than $10,000. why it took two weeks to get the money back.
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the investigation into reality tv star kim kardashian west being held at dwun point is just beginning. >> the a spokesperson say twos armed men tide her up and held her in the hotel room.
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west was on stage. officials say the two armed men took two cell phones and jewelry worth millions of dollars. according to spokesperson she's shaken but physically unharmed. so far no arrests. >> and new jersey a hot air balloon crashed into power lines injuring two people. look at this video here. it happened early yesterday morning albuquerque. the man in the balloon basket and a woman was shocked. the injuries still unknown but in july, there was a similar crash in texas. killing all 16 people on board. we know smr about that deadly commuter train chance. >> one much the data railroaders was not working on the day of the accident. they are hopeful another data
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for them. the engineer told them he had no memory of slamming into the station. one person was killed and 114 others were hurt when this happened. don't you think a man who has this kind of economic genius is better than a woman and the only thing she's produced is a lot of work for the fbi? checking out her e-mail. trump supporter is getting some backlash this morning for that comment you just his interview on nbc this week. trump is better for the u.s. than a woman. his office did not immediately respond. looking if a person caught on camera. shows a man spray painting black lives matter on the
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pieces of plywood. a police chief is dead in afghanistan. this is a picture just coming of that police chief. he was killed in a taliban attack there. it's the second major taliban attack in afghanistan so far today. hurricane mathew. a category 4 storm with 130 miles an hour winds. it's expected to hit ji may ka and haiti tonight. some parts could see 40 inches of rain. so a really good chance they're going to be seeing some flash flooding. still though too early to tell if this is going to threaten the u.s. east coast. >> we do have a track in mind. here's a look at the current situation. 195 miles an hour from the center of the storm.
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impact in jay may jamaica and cuba. these molds consensus is bringing it to the east coast. notice though we do see it start to degrade a little bit. we'll have to keep our eye on this. that's really going to going to depend on the other weather dynamics. 54 degrees here at home. a cool start in cleveland. down to as we head throughout the day take a look at your futurecast. 1:45 p.m.ful still pretty day overall. some green on the screen many i really think this is really thick clouds. maybe a sprinkle or two. rain isn't going to be the headline this week like it was last week. as we head into tuesday we're dry and clear to start. you're also going to be mindful of a warming trend.
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temperatures around 70 today. we will be near 80 the the end of the week. >> let's head to the maps. right here you're looking at 77. maybe a little bit busier than before. still pretty calm commute. let's head to the map and talk about some work. first starting with the fog here. might get in your way here. wayne county 71 and 77. just a section of southern parts of our viewing area. all right. work is wrapping up today at 4:22. those westbound lanes have been closed. just the right one between the line. but again that's just wrapping up today. pretty much dope. we got 40 left here. 77 in the northbound lanes. it was the right lane that was closed but wrapping
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i'm not sure. >> i'm going to take it. name game over here; right? 5:18. look at this video. a man broking into a stores and stealing woman's underwear. the man responsible is -- 20 burglaries since the beginning of this year stealing more than $10,000 worth. one of the victims say he hit her store twice and it's esci helping cancer patients get custom bras. we took it all very permanent. these are items that we may not be able to get again. police just caught him trying to pry open the back door of another store. >> this is tough to watch here. a woman is run over pumping gas in north carolina.
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though. she's o.k. this morning. the plan slammed into her was under the influence of painkillers. he's charged with driving while intoxicate eapped assault with a deadly weapon. he act #-d like he was going to run away but they stopped him. manage a gas station charged you $10,000 for a tank of gas. >> the charge wouldn't go >> well it actual happened in florida testimony took awhile to get their money back. when they tried to use their card they were locked out over their credit limit and their account showed they were charged $10,000 bucks for mar man 27,000 gallons. it was up to the gas station
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wasn't possible. >> it stems from the glitch in his gas pumps. he was wrong. >> here's what you do. the couple got customer service involved and it took two weeks to finally get their money back. two weeks. they're warning other to double which can your receipts so this doesn't happen to you. higher on store shelfs >> . netflix is teaming town bring a piece of gilmore girls to the cle. you're watching good morning
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until noon the store is going to be offering free coffee and other surprises. near east 6th street. hopefully they have a guy like
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we're actually on a trend it is going to be warm e. you're talking about fog on the roads >> w. doe rain restrictions. 76 between dart avenue. all the way to wolf ledges parkway. this is going to be going on through the middle of the month here. the good news is hs it's happening at night. is goes until 6 p.m. elsewhere your ride looks fantastic. as you make your way to that inner belt bridge we're down to one lane.
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hour. as your average spreed. no issues for you. 71 and clark. over to you. >> here we are in the new month. october. it is breast cancer awareness month and we'll be talking about this all month long. today, i want to go over the signs and symptoms. doctors recommend you perform a breast self-exam. look for tenderness or lumps in the breast or underarm area and any unexplained change in size, shape anywhere on the breast and any discharge. doctors say most of the time these symptoms do not mean but you should let your doctor know just to be sure and, of course, make sure you're getting regular screenings. >> great advice. now to a consumer alert. one second to grab batteries t. easy to open.
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mom found every single one but one. aaron cooper panicked as you can imagine thinking the child swallowed one. she rushed her kids to the emergency room. the battery was not swallowed but then anger set in for her. they were right next to the school supply area. it goes almost down to floor level which is the perfect height for, you know, cure curious children. >> she all stores to keep them in a safe place. according to the poison control center, about 3500 people swallowed these kind of batteries each and every year. >>3500. that's a big number. >> a consumer alert you won't want to miss. why they not be worth the cash. the clowns are fighting back. what the good guys are doing
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but before we go to break we want to show you last night's winning lot toe
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now at 5:30 every minute counts during an
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delays in nun cars in east cleveland. the new crisis the city's facing. >> coming back to the swing state where you can see hillary clinton today. plus she's picking up an endorsement from one of our most influential residents. >> packed fulled. why they're scrambling to find alternatives. thank you for joining us. >> want to start your monday with that forecast. >> getting you out the door. earth cam still looking pretty. we're not dealing with any rain this morning. i know mother nature with a tough one. rain on and off with so many days. queer heading to a dry pattern. slight warm up on the way. in fact temperatures from the 80s this week. category 4 out in the atlantic
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pretty soon. for now here's a look at your current conditions. 54 degrees. clear skies am few clouds down in summit. temperatures right now in the 50s rising into the upper 60s about 70 degrees from a high this afternoon am good mix of clouds in there though. talk more soon. how are the roads? >> not too bad. we are dealing with that fog. that's what you're seeing when it comes to the yellow on the traffic 77s. be extra careful. 71 too. over in wayne county. a little bit concerning too starting to see that fog creep in to star county as well. as you make your way into the city no issues. the inner belt looking nice right now. a little bit busier but that is good on your monday morning. >> that's great. we're following some breaking news here at the live
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heights. police gotten quite a few call on this. we are hearing some officers even had heard the shots themselves but they have not been able it find anything so far. no evidence of any shooting. no victims, and no one else is cooperating. we are staying on top of this. making calls and we'll keep you updated. >> does not have a working ambulance. >> people are being asked to only call 9-1-1 for real emergencies. there and this city can't catch a break. j gl just three days ago they reffed is a donated one an sunday morning that squad broke down leaving the department temp i handed t. asks residents to only call 9-1-1 if you have a true emergency. the department says for now they are relying on mutual aid ambulances from
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to get by they will respond to ems calls with their engine truck. it's not the first go around. we told you about a shortage in staff. relief came last week. they're set to receive a federal grant. able to hire more the did department asking what happened and when they expect to have it back in service. no one can give me any answers. live in east cleveland. news 5. >> thank you. time now is 5:33. new information now on that shooting at a rest stop on i-71. police think it was completely random. it happened in delaware county. the shooter got up from a park
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walking out of the restroom. he got in his car and led police on a chase. that went on for nearly 45 miles when the chase ended they found him dead. they believe he shot himself. as for the victim this morning, he is going to be o.k. >> 480, 480 west. someone just hit and ran. >> this morning we know more about a hit an run that killed one woman and hurt likely on heroin. the two women were changing a dire when they were hit. right now justin is being held at the jail. the woman >> we are days with a e from the presidential election. 35. and both candidates are trying to reach as many voters as possible before they head to the polls. today, hillary clinton will bring her campaign back to akron. she's speaking at good year hall at 5:45.
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in ohio, next tuesday. clinton comes to akron just one day after the fiefort son lebron james endorsed her formally for president. >> hillary isn't the only clinton here this week. bill will take a two-day bus tour through the southern part of our state. he begins his trip tomorrow in athens and will be in canton on wednesday. meanwhile donald trump is responding to a noct report about his tax returns. that report says trump lost nearly a in 1995 and legally could have gone 18 years without paying federal taxes nsm response, trump tweeted i know our complex tax laws better than anyone else who's running for president. and i'm the only one who can fix them. he has yet to deny any parts of that report. >> a new one for you this morning. sheriffs in norp ohio say the heroin epidemic is getting so by the jails are overcrowded. the jail is often packed
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holding cells are are full. he's trying to figure out what can be done because it doesn't seem to be dropping. 5:36 is your time. fantasy sports pools under fire. why the rules could be changing. >> a heartwarming homecoming dance. received special es kortds to the big dance. >> but first th seems to be catching on. here's today tech bites. >> tesla's luxury electric vehicles seem to be catching on. >> it's selling twice as many. keep an eye out for uber gift cards. it's rolling out cards to 35,000 locations in the coming weeks.
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and there's a new option for people looking to help around the house and it might remind you of a galaxy far far away. it can turn on the tv, walk up kids and urge them to wear a jacket if it's chilly. >> i'm getting it.
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good morning. welcome back. 5:9 the time. take a look at your day planner. starting off in the 50s in cleveland proper. down to 49 degrees. so it is cool in a few spot. we warm up to 70 degrees this afternoon. we do have a good mix of sun and clouds out there. we should started it see more sun throughout week. we just got word that a few schools have been delayed because of low visibility. down to a quarter of mile in portage county. dropping in visibility. your definitely going to take your time on the roads. you've got the visuals. >> yeah many absolutely. behind me that's the odot view.
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southern counties. keeping a close eye on the fog. >> thank you. now to a special escort to hem coming for the daughters of a fallen ohio police officer. his brothers step town make sure they have a night they'll never forget. killed in the line of duty. he left behind three daughters. courtney, brooklyn and alesha. when it came time for his -- they knew they had to do something to make it special. they provided a squad car of escorts for those girls and their dates. >> it's an absolute honor to take you guys to the distance. it is. >> he may not be physically here with us but he's in our hearts. that's all that counts. they made sure it's one she'll never forget. >> that's incredible. time now, 5:41. next on good morning cleveland,
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kim kardashian says two armed men held her up. her husband did what he found out about it. >> but high efficient -- might help keep your -- we'll have the answer when we come back
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at least six people shot in two separate shootings. this picture actually just tweeted out by one of the affiliates there in minneapolis. this happening just hours after the u.s. won the ryder cup there. keeping a very close eye on a devastating hurricane as we go ahead and show you this video here. this is in now. it is hurricane mathew. it's a category four storm right now. expecting to hit jamaica and haiti by tonight. some parts of haiti could see 40 inches of rain. a really good chance they're going to see flash flooding. keep in mind haiti is the poorest country in the western themselves fear. they have been hit before. again, potentially devastating. and we're really getting an idea of where it's tracking.
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intense storm and getting ready to track over jamaica. we didn't get -- tracking close to the eastern seaboard. keep our eye on that. by the time it does reach off of georgia, florida and north carolina a downgrading to category 2. >> keel keep our eye on that. over to jackie >> i'm sorry. a family emergency. i have to leave the show. >> that's khan k narks ya west. >> she's not saying much more about what happened but a spokeman for the french interior ministry says kim was locked in a bathroom while two armed masked men dressed as police officers
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and jewelry worth millions of dollars. police in paris are investigating right now. they haven't investigated anyone yet. people there voting to reject a peace deal to end the civil war. the deal took four years to put together. the president of colombia says he accepts the decision but will continue to toward peace. the current cease fire is still in place as negotiators are traveling to cuba to meet with the rebellion leaders on how to proceed next. >> new information about that deadly commuter train crash in nnl. this morning they say the event recorder wasn't working. they released pictures and revealed the engineer has no memory of slamming into the station. >> he looked at his watch and his train was about 6 minutes late. arriving at hoboken.
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speedometer he was -- one person was killed. 114 others were hurt. by law the train is required to have a working front event recorder so investigators are hopeful that will hold some much manufacture heeded answers for them. >> a plot to rig the presidential election. a report of columbus man found ballot boxes filled with thousands of votes for hillary clinton and other to prevent this from happening. if you play fantasy sports, listen up. the way some of the sites are making money may be illegal. a bill was just introduced t. would put sites like fan dual under the authority of the ohio casino control commission. sites like that and office pools are legal in ohio as long as the 100% of the
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winners. but some don't operate that way. and that's one of the things the commission would oversee if the bill passes. >> time check for you. it's 5:49. let let you know what's in store for monday. here's meteorologist. >> that's right. a live look outside right now. downtown cleveland. check it out. lights shining there. the biggest issue is visibility. a few areas battling those clouds. the dense fog situ futurecast. throughout the day. models tracking in some rain. those rain chances are low. very thick cloud coverage. bit time we start wednesday morning we're in the 60s so this morning pretty cool start.
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are warming up of the here's a look at your high for today. 71 degrees. it's not baa again today will see a nice mix of sun and clouds. we are dealing with all of that fog on the road look at that visibility coming up.
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be extra careful on 77. take it slow many give yourself time if you're making it into the city from the south. southern counties that's what we're seeing that fog. 71 too in ashland county. i'm seeing it in medina and as we zoom on out there's kind of what the fog looks like. let head out. i'll show you what it looks like. pictures that i've zoomed in on. this is you need to use those low beams. 76 right. 224. so maybe a little bit of traffic. not too busy. no too concerned. once we approach that 6:30 time slot that's when we might see that incidents high efficiency washing machines are supposed to save you water and engine but people are saying they are not getting the
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enough water to clean your clothes. whirlpool explains they're designed to add water based on the weight but they're filled with hundreds of complaints about poor wash quality and clothes that stink. i have dry spots after i pull my clothes our of the washing machine. it won't fill up with enough water. >> front loarsd do not have many complaints but they're more expensetive. >> they're a lot more expensive. >> it is 5:52 everybody. >> starting your week with us at news 5. here's what's ahead for you. then is lady you see on the
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custody. what was her crime? >> ut oh. what did you do?
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. >> welcome back. a real issue for a lot of the drivers here on county delayed a few schools of two hours because of this. mansfield down to a quarter of quarter there. it's pretty low. low beams are a must. the good news is fog is expected to burn offer one we hit sunrise. >> we do. yes. but do want to mention this
5:55 am
that's where we're concerned about. it work wrapping up in about # minutes. that right lane was closed because that construction work. but the good news is we're almost done. right here this is medina county. use the low beams and take it slow. can't stress it enough. over to you. >> right now in ca threatening homes. more than 6 # # people have had to leave and 12 homes destroyed come ling together to help those who lost everything. >> 1500 the first day. i spent a thousand the second a second day. it's a mobile wild fire. it's about 70% contained.
5:56 am
the 16 has been caught loiters after a football game on friday. he have eventually taken in. >> teaming town help ez -- prepare mare em hos. the cities are receiving an 80 ?,000 grant from the ohio housing front. it will used to spruce up several dozen occupied homes an shatter the prediction. the autograph is from the '03- '04 ultimate collection serious. taking a shot and the nba logo
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>> 102-year-old woman is put in handcuffs and taken away in the back of a police cruiser. >> it's not what you would expect. she did not do anything wrong. she wanted to check it off of his bucket list. she also wondered what would that be like. the officer happy to oblige. they showed up with their handcuffs ready and for those who have a goal like getting arrested, some advice for you. >> keep going. don't ever stop. whatever it is you're doing. and spend some time doing community service. because sometimes the people that you reach out and touch is the only person that they will talk to in a day. >> preach. >> after her trip they brought
5:58 am
support blue shirt days which encouraging bully prefnlings. their going to host a forum at 9:45 to start a dialogue on how to stop bullying. they want to see it. tweet and use wear blue. we want to see it here too. >> a huge gas pump glitched. one couple was charged for 27,000 gallons of gas and how to prevent it from happening to you.
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more problems for east cleveland. >> their down. the cities are asking residents and how it's going to impact their safety. back in a battle ground state. the clintons return to ohio and a major endorsement she's get from a hometown hero. million of dollars are headed for the county. what the money will be used for. good monday morning, everyone. some of you are waking up to a lot of heavy fog.


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